Thank You Jaihind Photography, You All Are Truly Awesome!

I got to know about Jaihind Photography through my cousin Karthik Balaji. Three years ago, they covered the photography and videography for my cousins’ wedding and I was wowed by their work then.
Fast forward to 2017, when it was time for my wedding, I knew without second thought that I wanted them to capture the memories.We contacted Sathish Kumar soon after my engagement and there was no looking back from then. I have to say he is the most approachable person that I have ever met. Right from start to finish he was there to help. My most memorable experience was the pre-wedding shoot. There was last minute change of plans and rescheduling and they came all the way from Madurai for us overnight. The team spent the entire day shooting awesome pictures and I should say that it was one of the best days of all time. I’m 100% sure that Vaithiswaran Balakrishnan agrees. He and his team truly went above and beyond. Even after we moved to Canada post wedding, he was constantly in touch with the progress of our album, pictures and what not. I always received a reply within seconds if not minutes, whenever I pinged him about them. When we did receive the pictures,My god! Every moment was captured beautifully and it was like we were right there again, Simply Awesome to say the least. I’m extremely glad to have had those precious memories to be captured so incredibly well. I’m running out of adjectives here. I would love to have them over for all forthcoming events and functions in our family without second thought. Thank you Jaihind Photography, you all are truly awesome!